(Algo|Afro) Futures - Open Live Coding Workshop

30 July 2022, 12:00-15:00

Birmingham 2022 Festival Presents…
(Algo|Afro) Futures
A Creative City Project generously supported by Birmingham City Council

Join us on Saturday 30th July for a free Open Live Coding Workshop led by the multi-talented artist Antonio Roberts.

During the workshop you will learn some of the skills needed to create your own performances using live coding tools. This workshop will also introduce you to the world of live coding music using the TidalCycles language and the Estuary platform. Estuary is a platform for collaboration and learning through live coding. It enables you to experiment with sound, music, and visuals in a web browser.

If you’ve ever been curious about using code to make music and have aspirations to perform at live coding events and Algoraves, then this is perfect for you.

To take part in the workshop you will need the following:

  1. You will need a laptop running either Windows (version 10 or later), MacOS (Catalina or above) or Linux. Chromebooks, iPads, tablets and phones are unfortunately not suitable.
  2. Google Chrome web browser

Places are limited and must be pre booked here.

Additional Information

Live coding is a performative practice where artists and musicians use code to create live music and live visuals. This is often done at events called Algoraves, but live coding is a technique rather than a genre, and has also been applied to noise music, choreography, live cinema, and many other time-based artforms.

Since its inception in 2014 there have been hundreds of Algoraves taking place in over 100 cities and festivals around the world, including performances at Glastonbury, Sonar, SXSW, Bluedot, Mutek and Transmediale.

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