14 December 2015 – 31 January 2016

Our 2015 programme has finished and we are settling in for a winter of research activity. Change is afoot …
We bid farewell to the wonderful Laura Milner, who has worked with us in at least two incarnations for eight years. We wish her every success for the future. Stepping into a new role as Associate Curator for 2016 is Antonio Roberts, who after a successful year developing the Black Hole Club, will be working alongside our Director Yasmeen Baig-Clifford to co-curate a frankly awesome programme for 2016/17.

Whilst we gear up for the new season, the public programme will be closed 14 December – 3 February.

We will be welcoming you back for Digbeth First Friday on 5 February with a night of the finest massed projection that can be mustered!

Have a wonderful holiday season and see you all in 2016. Don’t do anything we wouldn’t do now..

Thank you to all the artists, performers, choreographers, musicians, collaborators, curators, speakers, writers, participants and audiences who joined us this year, from our opening event REPEATOR for the Radical Film Network Conference, to Radical Networks events, our 9 EVENINGS REDUX season and the closing programme exploring the macabre, THIS MORTAL COIL. Our year focused on aesthetic disruption and questioning of the moving image, ethics and digital legacies. We also partnered with mac Birmingham to present QUEER TRACES, a programme of screening events, performance and live audio-visual interventions exploring queer glamour and contested sexuality.

175 artists presented work, including:
Shebeen Sounds: Bobbie-Jane Gardner, dubmorphology, Gaylene Gould

REPEATOR: Keith Dodds, Laurence PricE, Cathy Wade

WAYS OF SOMETHING: Daniel Temkin , Rollin Leonard, Sara Ludy, Rhett Jones, Jaakko Pallasvuo, Dafna Ganani, Jennifer Chan, Rea McNamara, Theodore Darst, Matthew Williamson, Hector Llanquin, Christina Entcheva, Marisa Olson, oe McKay, Carla Gannis, Nicholas O’Brien, Eva Papamargariti, Rosa Menkman, Kristin Lucas, Jeremy Bailey, Kristen D. Schaffer, Giselle Zatonyl, Paul Wong, Alfredo Salazar-Caro, Sally McKay, RM Vaughan, Keith Cole, Andrew Benson, Christian Petersen, Faith Holland, Jennifer McMackon, Kevin Heckart, Geraldine Juarez, Gaby Cepeda, Angela Washko, Emilie Gervais, LaTurbo Avedon, Lyla Rye, Mattie Hilloc, Antonio Roberts, Georges Jacotey, Daniel Rourke, Sandra Rechico, Annie Onyi Cheung, Yoshi Sodeoka, Alma Alloro, LoVid, Andrea Crespo, Ad Minoliti, Arjun Ram Srivatsa, Carrie Gates, Isabella Streffen, Esteban Ottaso, ZIL & ZOY, Hyo Myoung Kim, Jesse Darling, Tristan Stevens, Erica Lapadat-Janzen, Claudia Hart, Anthony Antonellis, Carine Santi-Weil, Nicolas Sassoon, Tom Sherman, Kim Asendorf, Ole Fach, Rafaela Kino, Alex McLeod, Kate Wilson and Lynne Slater, Aleksandra Domanović, Systaime, dell Warner and Arnaldo James, Debora Delmar, Brenna Murphy, Nick Briz, Carlos Sáez, Jenn E Norton, Juliette Bonneviot, Luis Nava, Vince McKelvie, Claudia Maté, Evan Roth, Shana Moulton, Sabrina Ratté, Jordan Tannahill, Vasily Zaitsev feat.MON3Y. Ann Hirsch

µChip3: Antonio Roberts, Sam Wray, Sabrepulse, Ultrasyd, Mizkai, Shirobon, bitrituals, LazerSausage, Sebastian Lenton, Emily Mulenga, Infotoxin, gwEm, Chema 64, lxtxcx, Javier Polo.

RADICAL NETWORKS: Test Dept. feat Stephen Mallinder (Wrangler/ Cabaret Voltaire), Alexei Monroe (Codex Europa) Andy Black Forest, FLECK, ACM Ensemble, Joe Snape, SOUNDkitchen

THIS MORTAL COIL: X-Ray Audio, Art Macabre, George Saxon, John Troyer, Michelle Aaron, Toni Mayner.

QUEER TRACES: Rashaad Newsome, Harold Offeh, Kate Spence, Michael Lightborne

STEALTH: Joseph DeLappe, James Bridle, Sang Mun, Manu Luksch, Henry Driver, Ryan Hughes

9 EVENINGS: Sarah Angliss, Polly Hudson, Florence Peake, Katye Coe, Charlie Morrisey, George Saxon, Darren Joyce, Justin Wiggan , John Cage, Robert Raushenberg, Yvonne Rainer, Ian Sergeant, The Estate of Donald Rodney, Body of Songs

Black Hole Club 2015 were: Ryan Hughes, Oli Macdonald-Brown, Sarah Walden, Annie Mahtani, Rebecca Mahey, Leon Trimble, Jaanika Okk, Ryan Hughes, Michael Lightborne, David Checkley, Kate Spence, Janette Harris.

Vivid Projects, Festive Greetings 2015