Focussed on collaboration and exchange, Black Hole Club is an artists development programme created by Vivid Projects in 2014, that provides space for sharing skills, testing ideas and reaching audiences through live and online platforms. The cohort is selected from an annual open call, supported by artist facilitator Cathy Wade and company curatorial associates.

The Black Hole Club 2022 participants are: 

Tess Radcliffe, Sophie Huckfield, Sahjan Kooner, Roo Dhissou, Rosa Postlethwaite, Polly Brant, Oliver Romoff, Matters Of Interest, Joseph Winsborrow, Jas Singh, Gugan Gill, Emily Scarrott, Eleanor Morgan, Dudley,  Courtenay Welcome, De’Anne Crooks, Ambie Drew & Al Leeming

Black Hole Club is focussing on supporting diverse interests this year, the programme Testing and Trying Out will create space for dialogue, experimentation and ideas to emerge onsite at Vivid Projects to connect with our audiences. Black Hole Club members will develop work for Cut Copy Remix alongside commissions from lead artist Emily Mulenga and Fatt Butcher.

Members will explore ways of building and sharing collective research and projects as they emerge through our channel. Publishing will be explored as a practice, process & conversations with invited guests on our website and through physical publication. Exchange with the artists commissioned as Residents at Vivid Projects will be programmed along with the development of new networks and connections made through visits and exchange. 

Black Hole Club’s recent projects include Ping Pong an online conversation with Ikon IYP supported by designer Keith Dodds. The exhibitions and events that took place as DOOM and Welcome To The New Earth at Vivid Projects and guest editorship of Artists Newsletter #1: The 1980s, an exploration of topics from artist’s working rights and identity politics, to activism, digital arts practice, and accessibility; and production of the Mayday Reader an online documentation of practice and exchange.

Our starting point for the year is this collated list of 3 word responses that were sent through by members in response to the question why now? 

As-is, Being, Care, Cause, Channeling, Challenge, Collaborate, Collaborating, Collaboration, Comrade, Connection, Consciousness, Craft, Creation, Dont-Stop-Me, Disrupt, Exhaustion, Emerging, Emergence, Emergency, Exchange, Fashionably, Forth, Late, Future, Intuition, Joy, Labour,  Loss, Lurking, Magic, Make, Mesmerisation, Molecular, Mutual-Aid, Newness, Place,  [Re]Imagination, Situational, Slow, Slowth (slow growth but also sounds like sloth), Spirits, Support, Technology, Time,Together, Time-Bomb, Urgency, Urgency, Unexpected, 24.

Why not now?  

We look forward to sharing more throughout 2022 and welcome the new members that are joining us this year. 

Schüle Wampe x Black Hole Club at Gallery Zero Nottingham Contemporary, 2019, Photo Cathy Wade

Black Hole Club, Under Different Stars, 2019, Photo by Marcin SZ

CUT COPY REMIX, Leanne O’Connor Pick and MIx workshop, 2020, Marcin CZ