Vivid Projects is a non-profit company supporting media arts practice. Founded in 2012 and based in Birmingham, we encourage innovation, risk and experimentation in artistic practice and work with artists and producers across creative disciplines. Our commitment to interdisciplinary practice is made public through an ambitious programme of events and exhibitions on and off-site.

We provide a well resourced collaborative project space in the Digbeth area of Birmingham, sited in close proximity to a range of contemporary arts venues and artist studios.

Since launching in February 2013, the company has produced work of excellence, delivering over 250 performances and 120 new works and reaching audiences of over 42,000 to date. In 2015 we launched a new development programme to support the regional creative community, Black Hole Club, providing a diverse range of West Midlands based artists with resources to develop new work. This programme provides access to our facilities and mentoring to support artist and creative producer development and networking, driven by sharing digital culture and collaboration. Currently supporting 20 associate members annually, the programme formalises the mentoring role Vivid Projects provides to create professional  opportunities and exposure for our artist cohort.

We place strong emphasis on socio-cultural histories and identities in our curatorial practice, and are proud to have secured a reputation for successfully creating new access to important regional archives under our stewardship. We are committed to extending our reach to wider communities through effective digital distribution and inclusion, and have established partnerships to develop this ambition with the higher education sector in our region. Our work with higher education partners to develop active resources for artists and to support audiences to learn about the social and historical contexts of media art forms therefore forms an important strand of future programming.

Vivid Projects works with private and public sector partners to develop activities and raise funds to support future work. Supporters 2013-19 include Arts Council England, Henry Moore Foundation, Paul Mellon Centre for British Arts, mac, Wellcome Trust, Birmingham City Council, AHRC – British Music Project, Birmingham Heritage Week, Birmingham Museums Trust and Collecting Birmingham, The Estate of Donald Rodney, The Estate of Rose Finn-Kelcey Art & Science Festival at University of Birmingham, Public Engagement at University of Birmingham, Birmingham Centre for Cultural and Media Research at Birmingham City University and BFI.

Our 2019/20 public programme will focus on bringing excellent and risk taking creative media and interdisciplinary practice to the region and developing new strategic touring networks.

 Vivid Projects is a not for profit company limited by guarantee no. 8116990.

Vivid Projects, Ladies and Gentlemen, How Long Will They Last?, 2013


Yasmeen Baig-Clifford, Director

Vicky Roden, Programme Coordinator

Cathy Wade, Black Hole Club Producer 



Alex Billingham, Vivid Live Associate

Ian Sergeant, Project Associate

Michael Lightborne, Technical Associate



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