Research Residency

Antonio Roberts

12 January – 31 March 2024

UK based Antonio Roberts works with technology in innovative ways, exploring authorship, gaming, digital and reproduction. This spring, his research residency focuses on developing an experimental narrative fiction game using Twine software. The interactions of the characters Adam and Skate Hunter (from Streets of Rage) in the Mushroom Kingdom (Super Mario Bros) will be central to the narrative, and playable in a web browser. 

Antonio will consider classic adventure game books alongside exploring comics published around Streets of Rage 2, the first game to feature the character Skate and existing fan fiction. In particular, he will consider whether the fact of Skate being a teenager (or appearing to be one) is addressed.

This reimagining of roles within gaming follows on from Antonio’s recent work Heavyweight Champ, which critiqued the stereotypical portrayal of Black men which was prevalent in early video games. 

A playable version of the research will be shared later this spring.

Antonio Roberts, Heavyweight Champ, 2021