Dirty Video Mixer workshop

2 July 2017, 10:00 - 14:00

As part of the Superseded exhibition Ollie MacDonald-Brown and Sarah Walden will be leading a Dirty Video Mixer workshop.

A Dirty Video Mixer is a simple video mixer, developed by Karl Klomp, that allows its user to mix two analogue video signals. Using nothing more than simple electronic components a user can begin to explore the world of video mixing, VJing and electronics.

In this three-hour workshop, led by Ollie MacDonald-Brown and Sarah Walden, participants will construct their own 2 input Dirty Video Mixer from scratch and then be invited to test their devices using live video input and found footage.

The event costs £10+bf and is limited to 10 places. Participants should bring:

  • A hollow object to house their Dirty Video Mixer. This must be no smaller than a soda can and no larger than a shoebox
  • Moving image content on VHS.

No experience necessary and all other materials will be provided by Vivid Projects. The workshop will use solder, soldering irons and drills. Not suitable for children under 12.

About the workshop leaders
Ollie MacDonald-Brown and Sarah Walden are photographic and moving image artists working with the interplay between celluloid film and digital video. Their work blurs the lines between analogue and digital through the examination of the underlying structures and processes upholding the moving image product. They are particularly interested in the degradation of the image and picking apart how moving image is received by audiences.

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