Vivid Live in association with Fierce Festival

(un)certain twitches

selina bonelli

19 October 2019, 20:00

Vivid Live in association with Fierce Festival presents (un)certain twitches – a new work by selina bonelli.

Lip lock: a twitch used on the lip of a horse that can allow minor procedures to be carried without the use of sedation (no guarantees).

Muscle twitching: the involuntary effect of unconscious muscle contractions.

selina bonelli’s work looks at trying to develop a language beyond its capacities for direct communication. One outside syntax, of evolving, disparate parts, one that tries to touch through our violently inscribed bodies. It could be seen as an unfolding around the things we ‘forget’ or try to keep at a distance.

lip locked to the words that don’t come: the imposed nature of your caresses stutter as they’re swallowed back into a fasciculation of daily commemorative actions.

Doors Open at 8PM for an 8:30PM start

£6 (£4 Unwaged) Tickets available here

Image by Julia Sterre

Poster design by Keith Dodds

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