Green Scream

VLTV 002

Rosa Postlethwaite

11 – 18 September 2020

VLTV 02 | Rosa Postlethwaite | Green Scream | 11/09/2020 7PM


Relationships with other species

The edges of subjectivity

My nose

Green Scream developed from a daily practice of automatic writing and a desire to express what an awareness of the climate crisis feels like. This has resulted in a series of loosely connected narratives told from my position surrounded by the green screen – a physical site of performance and focus for cultural and personal research.


Rosa Postlethwaite is a performance artist, dramaturg and producer working across Visual Art, Live Art, Theatre, Dance, and Cabaret/Club contexts. Their practice is informed and driven by socialist, queer and feminist movements and is interested in the relationship between macrostructures and daily life. Their performances are often site-responsive, and explore the ways places elicit or demand particular ways of behaving.

website: | twitter: @rosapossy | instagram: @rosapossy

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