9 Evenings: AUTOICON

24 October 2015, 2 - 5pm

AUTOICON was a dynamic internet work that simulated both the physical presence and elements of the creative personality of the artist Donald Rodney, one of the most significant and essential artists of his generation. After initiating the project, Rodney died from sickle-cell anaemia in March 1998.

Re-Imaging – AUTOICON is a research project exploring the digital embodiment of the artist Donald Rodney, and the challenges of re-authoring a digital legacy.

For 9 Evenings, Ian Sergeant and digital developer Antonio Roberts lead a salon to explore the development of ‘doublethink’, a beta website which has been produced through a series of workshops with participants of Wolverhampton Sickle Cell Care and Social Activity and Oscar Sandwell. The salon includes a rare screening of ‘Three Songs on Pain, Light and Time’ (Trevor Mathieson & Eddie George / Black Audio Film Collective, 25m, 1995).

AUTOICON is produced by Ian Sergeant and delivered in partnership with Vivid Projects. The project is funded through Arts Council England.
Presented in association with Black History Month

This event is presented as part of 9 Evenings: Redux, a season of new collaborative commissions in which artists will critique, re-work and react to the seminal 1966 series 9 Evenings: Theatre & Engineering

Admission is free


Programme change: please note that the Dance Prototypes lab by Gabriel Shalom is no longer running.

AutoIcon - image courtesy Ian Sergeant Re-imaging - AUTOICON