Audio Playdate

Marcus Keating

6 October 2018, 15:00-18:00

Saturday 6 October  | 3-6pm | Audio Playdate with Marcus Keating

AUDIOPLAYDATE is an informal/DIY sound-based workshop that focuses on bringing and sharing kit with others.

Limited to 20 participants who are encouraged to bring and demo a piece of equipment for others to learn about and use, the main aim of the workshop is to create opportunities to play around with a bunch of different sound-making devices.
The workshop will conclude with MIXXTAPE, a performance by Carol Breen and Maxx Gentleman who will be creating live soundscapes using overlapping loops and samples via a series of cassette players.
Free, booking essential here
Participants remain responsible for any equipment brought to the event. Vivid Projects does not accept liability for any loss or damage.