Black Hole Club at Vivid Projects for Birmingham Weekender in Digbeth


4 – 6 October 2019

Join Vivid Projects for a three-day programme of new works, including performance, sonics, audio-visual events and installations with our 2019 Black Hole Club artist cohort. Vivid Projects will radically shift and change through the course of the Digbeth Weekender, offering audiences an opportunity to connect with works that share affinities and are forged through experimentation. Collaborative, open and agile the works celebrate the talent present within the region.

Friday October 4th,  18.00-21.00, Digbeth First Friday

Matthew Evans, Carol Breen & Gemma Jones closing performance by formuls.

Musician and sound artist Matthew Evans hosts Collide: Sonic Portraits and Interactive Environments Workshop. A bespoke participatory work from which the group will turn their images into an improvised sonic performance for Digbeth First Friday. Carol Breen and Gemma Jones will re-visit, re-perform & re-make a new collaborative work “All I have Left”. Exploring the notion of repetition, considering what the prefix re- means in the context of their practices and beyond. Closing Friday evening is formuls with a slowly evolving performance, where the audience will experience new audio-visual environments emerging from previously heard material. Sound is sequenced, sliced, and manipulated in a variety of ways, with visualisations responding to this flux.

Saturday October 5th: 12-19.00

Dan Auluk (offsite), Libby Cufley, Ambie Drew & Durational performance by Liz Ord 17.00-19.00.

On Saturday Libby Cufley’s presents new work focuses on the experience of a woman navigating Digbeth alone at night, with the selections made determining the outcome. Visitors can play on this work through smart devices or on a tablet at Vivid Projects. Ambie Drew examines autonomous objects through an AV Installation to explore how these femmetopian items physically inhabit a space, analysing the consumption of beauty to capture the visceral and grotesque nature of feminine rituals. Closing Saturday is Liz Ord’s durational performance The FOMO party // Rinse and repeat // Candid non Candid. An event that is always advertised but never happens, the space in-between, always anticipated or missed out “The excitement never ends because it never began’

Sunday October 6th: 13.00-17.00

Dan Auluk (onsite), Rosa Francesca & Dinosaur Kilby, 

On Sunday works will develop and unfold through the afternoon. Dan Auluk responds to a project developed off-site the previous day. Looking at me looking at you and not looking down, is the outcome of one to one interventions with the public in Digbeth. Rosa Francesca explores how love can be manufactured in “Fall For Me” drawing from scientific research by Arthur Aron on the experimental generation of interpersonal closeness; and Dinosaur Kilby presents an animalistic environment that people can climb into and inhabit as a base to watch video works buried deep within the belly of the beasts that roam within Vivid Projects.