Blister Cinema workshop with Genetic Moo

15 March 2016, 10.00-13.00

“We are the body. We are under attack.”
And so the body’s immune system is triggered into action. A raging battle has begun between pro and anti inflammatory forces in the plasmic swirling interior of a blister. Each sequence in Battle of Blister has been generated by human performers in an interactive film set. These animations chart the escalation from fly bite to full scale engagement. Spreading, swelling, burning, fighting… capturing the complex dynamics of inflammation; the never-ending battle between bacteria and the body. Artists Genetic Moo collaborated with Dr Neil Dufton, whose research investigates the roles that genes, proteins and gases play in regulating the body’s response to inflammation, to develop their animated film Battle of Blister.

The artists will run a drop-in workshop to demo their interactive app Multiple which they used to make the film Battle of Blister and which you can use to generate your own multi-coloured animations. They’ll explain the science behind the project and give you a glimpse of the coding techniques they used to talk to the Kinect sensor.
Bring your own props and be prepared to dance yourself into a bacterial frenzy!

Free, drop in.
Venue: Digital Humanities Hub, G3
34 Pritchatts Rd, University of Birmingham,Birmingham, B15 2TT

Event curated by Yasmeen Baig-Clifford and presented as part of the public engagement programme for the nationally touring Silent Signal project, produced by Animate Projects, supported by a Wellcome Trust Large Arts Award and the Garfield Weston Foundation, and presented in Birmingham by Vivid Projects 18 March – 23 April 2016.