Dot Art Events

5 – 27 May 2017

Dot.Art is is an exhibition and events programme presenting artworks from the first wave of Net.Art alongside more recent projects produced since the rise of web 2.0, social networks and easily accessible search engines. Taking place in Vivid Projects’ physical space as well as occupying hyperlinks on its website, the Dot.Art season explores the internet as a medium and site for art from the 1990s through to the present day and includes an events series incorporating a weekly reading group, talks, performances and workshops. Details on the exhibition can be found here


Friday 05 May, 6-9pm | admission free
Launch Event – Ryder Ripps presents Howl 2.0, a re-imagining of Allen Ginsberg’s classic poem for the internet age. Part of Digbeth First Friday.

Wednesday 17 May, 7pm admission free

Ryan Hughes Curator’s Tour (part of Museums at Night)

Friday 19 May , 6.30pm | donations welcome

Heath Bunting Artist Talk (part of Museums at Night)

Heath Bunting discusses his work BorderXing Guide and his wider practice. BorderXing Guide includes walks that traverse national boundaries, without interruption from customs, immigration, or border police and comments on the ways in which movement between borders is restricted by governments and associated bureaucracies.

Book here 

Reading Group:

As a part of Dot.Art there will be an informal reading and discussion group on Thursday evenings. This reading group is free to attend for members of Black Hole Club, Extra Special People and the Office for Art, Design and Technology Professional Development Cohort. We ask all other attendees to make a small donation.

PDFs for the reading group will be made available here a week before the group meets.

Thursday 11 May , 6.30pm Critical Art Ensemble’s Slacker Luddites. A discussion exploring our relationships with technologies in the workplace. Download here

Thursday 18 May, 6.30pm Janet Vaughan Are Theatre-Makers Natural Net Artists?

Vaughan’s essay on the similarities between the stage and the browser explores how both theatre and internet art are founded on person to person communication and how it could be argued that both are multidimensional fictive contexts where truths and realities are played with, questioned and blurred. Download Vaughan_Hothauspapers

Thursday 25 May, 6.30pm  Mike Phillips and Geoff Cox’s essay, Donald Rodney – Autoicon – The Death of an Artist,  in EMERGENT FUTURES, Art, Interactivity and New Media. Download here

“There were no corpses in the time tombs, no dusty skeletons. The cyber-architectonic ghosts which haunted them were embalmed in the metallic codes of memory tapes, three dimensional molecular transcriptions of their living originals, stored among the dunes as a momentous act of faith, in the hope that one day the physical recreation of the coded personalities would be possible.”
(Ballard J.G.1992)

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