Black Hole Club presents

I Am A Strange Loop

as part of Digbeth First Friday

7 August 2015, 7-9pm

Black Hole Club presents I Am A Strange Loop, an evening of installations and live performances exploring feedback loops, recursion and sampling for Digbeth First Friday.

Artworks include:

An installation using looped documentation and objects from ‘Her Lady’s Pleasure’, an existing performance by Kate Spence.

A chaotic performance by Leon Trimble where he will be playing with different paradigms of looping audio.

VHS loops by Michael Lightborne that combine the pristine digital sheen of virtual landscapes with the analogue decay of crudely looping video cassettes.

A transatlantic collaboration between Rebecca Mahay and Heath Moerland exploring cassette tape feedback loops combined with vocal overlays. Video by Rebecca Mahay.

A collaborative installtion and performance by Ollie MacDonald-Brown and Sarah Walden that will see the supporting structures of Vivid Projects invaded by film reels.

I Am A Strange Loop