BHC Alumni

I'll Make My Own Damn Deities

Vicky Roden

5 – 6 November 2021

This exhibition is an examination of faith, death and reverence from an atheistic perspective. Venerating the downtrodden and dismissed, and those determined enough to challenge the gods themselves.

This experimental new body of work from was born as a response to a unique human bone. Once a University medical exhibit, the anonymous tibia from the gallows or the workhouse is here lionised in the manner of Medieval Saints. I’ll Make My Own Damn Deities ruminates on class, sanctification and the myth of Marsyas, particularly his role as an agitant in ancient Roman culture.

The work focuses on two types of human derived relic – bones and hair. Both now are seen as abject objects, taboo and potentially dangerous. However, historically bones have been the presentable remains of those we love and hair was woven into elaborate displays celebrating the lives in a family.

Why do we keep relics of the beatified and those we love?

Open 6-8pm for Digbeth First Friday and 12-5 Saturday . Please wear a mask. Walk ins are welcome, but we will be limiting the number of visitors on site at any one time so please pre book here to avoid disappointment.



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