Vivid Live with Shout Festival


Pádraig Condron

19 November 2021, 18:00 - 20:00

Vivid Live in partnership with Shout Festival present a sharing of newly developed work by Pádraig Condron.

Pádraig Condron is an Irish Italian queer body, finding catharsis in an autoethnographic practice. Their theory-led practice aims to untangle personal experiences; considering the human body, distinct from the mind, as a space we inhabit and perform in.

Pádraig also considers the ways in which this ownership is challenged, our bodies are controlled and which social structures limit and restrict us.

A multidisciplinary artist and performer they appeared in films The Image (2018) and The Burning Baby (2020). They are director of Gasleak Mountain in Nottingham.

Instagram: @paud.c @gasleakmountain

I’m Pádraig, and we are looking down at our hands
then past our hands to our feet
then everything else fades out of focus.

The ground below finally retreats
and we’re hanging, pulling ourselves forward
or wherever
with everything moving at the pace we have decided

We’re existing between ourselves
but it’s not close
there’s plenty of room between the pieces

And when we all speak
the words ring in a chorus
of everyone we’ve ever been

Door open at 6pm with a live performance at 7pm.
To book please visit here.
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