4 July – 27 August 2014

As we complete a thought provoking 2013/14 season, our activities turn to archiving.

Our biggest project this year has been LOOKING OUT FROM THE CCCS, developed as part  of CCCS50, a University of Birmingham project.

With a month of salons and debates ranging from pop music to radical feminism,  memories shared and new encounters between generations of cultural activists created,  it’s time to reflect. What do we take from the 50th anniversary of the Centre for Contemporary Culture Studies? If we step away from nostalgia, what are the lasting impacts for Birmingham and for culture?

The Vivid Projects exhibition was  dedicated to Michael Green, a key member of the CCCS and Board member of VIVID 1996-2003. Mindful of the past, we turn to the evolving archive and begin the conversation with our many contributors on how we take this forward. Contact us on if you have thoughts to share.

#CCCS50. Unfinished business.

Looking Out From The CCCS Archive Wall / Looking Out From The CCCS Why Can't We Be Friends Now? Ashok Mistry in production collaboration with David Checkley, 2014 Emily Mulenga much art video wow, Emily Mulenga, 2014. Mulligan and Mike Horseman in front of Shoop Shoop, c.Bernard G Mills