Animating Tremors

Rosa Postlethwaite

12 August 2023, 11.00-1pm

This performance by Rosa Postlethwaite explores tension release through body and breath. The body is voluntarily shaking, long after a shock, to dispel energy. The materials for this work are a body, a room and a rosemary bush.

Animating tremors draws on the tools gained through participation in Melati Suryodarmo’s performance art laboratory, Present to Presence, at Ikon in May 2023.

“My approach is to not plan too much but to really soak up the lab and act impulsively from the invitations. I’m hoping this will mean I can take in everything I can ‘in the moment’.” Rosa Postlethwaite


About the artist

Rosa Postlethwaite works as a performance artist, dramaturg and facilitator across theatre, live art, dance and socially engaged art. They work collaboratively to make site-responsive performance, club nights, workshops and shows. Through performance Postlethwaite tries to deconstruct, slow-down, reimagine and remake forms of sociality in order to shake up the taken-for-grantedness of the way things are. Their work is informed by queer, feminist, anti-racist and socialist practices.

Postlethwaite is currently a PhD researcher at the Centre for Dance Research, Coventry University, and Aarhus University (2022 – 2025).


Vivid Projects + Ikon is a programme of free performances curated by Vivid Projects  and presented as part of Passionate Pilgrim, Melati Suryodarmo’s first UK solo exhibition.

Animating Tremors is a live durational performance and takes place from 11.00am – 1pm, Second Floor Galleries, Ikon. More information here

Green Scream R_D. Rosa Postlethwaite. Vivid Projects (2021). Photography by Duaine Carma Roberts (CarmaFilm)