Revolution 28

Scalarama: The Films of the Kuchar Brothers

in partnership with Flatpack Festival

13 September 2013, 7:00pm, tickets £6

Twin brothers from The Bronx, Mike and George have created a do-it-yourself cinematic style that celebrates the common man but does so in style oozing with “kitchen sink” Hollywood excess.

Starting in the mid-50s with a string of shorts shot on the regular-8 format, they switched to 16mm around 1965 and began making their own films. George sadly passed away in 2011, so Little Joe, a magazine about queers and cinema, mostly, have teamed up with Copenhagen-based Jack Stevenson to honour both brothers, presenting a selection of their work from Jack’s own 16mm collection.

Tickets cost £6 and are available here.

Titles include:

Hold Me While I’m Naked, a playful satire of motion picture making that leads to existential contemplations on the meaning of life.

The Secret of Wendell Samson, a personal story of inner turmoil is told in the vocabulary of science fiction, expressionism and pop-fantasy which is entertaining yet sincere and soberly conceived.

The Craven Sluck about the sordid domestic routines of a typical Bronx married couple, Adel and her office worker husband, Brunswick.

Mongreloid, a tribute to George’s dog, Bocko, who appeared in so many of the brothers’ films and was undoubtedly the best known dog in underground cinema.

Format: 16mm. 2 reels. Optical sound.

This event is presented in partnership with Flatpack Festival and Scalarama, a celebration of cinema in all its forms taking place nationwide throughout September 2013.

Hold Me While I'm Naked 011513-Kuchar-Post George Kuchar | 1942-2011 GEORGE in SINS George pic 1 CRAVEN SLUCK 1