7 Deadly Sins

Queer Life Drawing

Dirty Draws

19 October 2023, 19:00 - 21:30

A life drawing session focusing on artistic freedom and exploring the queer experience through (crass) art exercises. The aim is to play and create through absurd briefs that we hope will make you giggle. High concepts, low brow – like soiled lingerie or lambrini in a crystal goblet.

Each session runs along a theme, with the models’ poses reflecting the brief, incorporating props along with unusual art materials. Since Halloween is around the corner, our first session is based on the 7 deadly sins – expect rage, overindulgence and debauchery!

Your hosts are Maz (he/they) and Luke (he/him).  We are both artists working in Brum – Maz is a digital illustrator specialising in queer reshaping of mythology, fairy tale and lots and lots of body hair. Luke works mostly in pen&ink, exploring themes of queer ecology, liminal spaces and hyperreal pen work.

Instruction will be given during the class, materials will be supplied but you’re welcome to bring your own tools should you like.

Tickets are £15 and include everything you’ll need to get involved, book your place now by clicking here. (Please note this event is 18+ and concessions are available by direct request to Dirty Draws) Tickets are £15 with concessions available. *Note the event is now sold out.

Dirty Draws 7 Deadly Sins 1919P3 The Baffled Devils Fighting, 1824-27 Watercolour with pen and ink over pencil Artist: William Blake (d.1827) from BMAG Digital Image Resource.