Cathy Wade

SLIDE/TAPE: Residency

at Library of Birmingham

15 – 20 October 2013

Join artist Cathy Wade during her residency in The Pavilion, at the extraordinary new Library of Birmingham as part of the four month Discovery Season curated by Capsule.

CAROUSEL is a unique opportunity to experience making a collective art work with the original slide format. Virtually a lost medium, there is an alchemical magic to the processing of film into a slide transparency. Cathy will be working with the public to bring back to light forgotten memories that have been languishing in shoe boxes and attics in order to create a collective experience, through the carousel projector.

You are invited to drop in throughout the residency with your own slides, or to explore the collections loaned to the residency, share ideas and participate in creating an evolving new work.

A slide carousel projection is image, light, text, repetition and sound; it is a medium open to reworking, re-photographing splicing and drawing onto. The slide carousel allows for multiple ownerships, formal and informal to be interwoven with references to diverse subjects such as lecture packs, archive documentation, drawings and text to be re-photographed, reworked and re-shown. CAROUSEL will cross reference, contrast, rework and revise making a space that celebrates the new forms that can be made from existing images. CAROUSEL connects directly with our childhoods, with family histories and collective nostalgia. In our digital environment, where many young people can now be described as ‘digital natives’ there is a burgeoning nostalgia and creative interest in analogue, historical technologies. In relation to phone Apps that consciously reference the slide aesthetic, we could call this the ‘Instagram’ effect.

We hope CAROUSEL opens up the creative potential of the slide to a wide audience, balancing personal experience with the institutional, resulting in a live work that is consistently revised, reworked and developed with participants throughout the residencies duration.

Cathy Wade is an interdisciplinary artist who works through collaboration, curation and research. She has exhibited extensively in both the UK and internationally working with galleries and projects including Vertigo Gallery, VIVID, Toomey Tourell Gallery, Curfew Tower, Newlyn Art Gallery, Capsule, EC Arts, and Clarke Gallery. She is currently Research Director at Edible Eastside and Curator at A3 Project Space.