CO(VID) Residency

Spect. Anon

31 October 2020 – 25 April 2021

CO (VID) artist residency

Under the moniker of SPECT. ANON. George Saxon and Ryan Sehmar are working with Vivid Projects as part of a year-long residency to re-imagine worlds under curfew during a shared self-isolation. A series of events, referred to as interludes and intervals, are developing within the environment of an empty space. The audience is beckoned into a wooden structure, where potential action and intervention is recorded at given intervals, as the artists decipher the interior world (inner space) of this existence together with the fragile tensions and antagonisms presented by the exterior world (outer space).


Filmed versions of Spect. Anon’s streamed performances can be viewed on Vimeo:

Shadow of Love in a Post- Intimate Space  / 28/02/2021

Souls With Symbols / 31/10/2020


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Film is essential. Programme plan to make film.

Programme 2 to make film work.

It is clear we are confused. Confusion breeds vision. Breeds image engineering. This is functional film.

Spectacular Anonymity of a moment. If all images are born equal what makes some images more equal than others? 

– from ‘Three Absent Guessed’ – Genesis P. Orridge (extract from programme, Edinburgh Film Festival 1978). Source: Spect. Anon. Archive

This residency re-examines an archive of personal practice alongside manifestations of responses to this time of Covid. It considers how these archive materials intersect and interact alongside manifestations of responses to life during the global pandemic: the interludes and intervals.

1. The interludes (as a temporal diversion of that which was and that which will follow): is the space for ideas to come and go as transitional performances and frozen images, to be developed over the time of this residency. Each interlude begins as a transitional moment for us to catch our breath, recalibrate and readjust in this dislocated social space of the everyday.

2. The Intervals: explore the intervening period of elapsed archival time and retrieval during this pause. It is the gap and the pause between action and rest. It is a shift in pitch, as a space for new characters, actions and soundscapes to emerge and momentarily exist.

The interludes and intervals follow the 31/10 preview and will run until April 2021.