(using the lens of biomimicry)

The End Of Downfall

2 December 2016, 18.00-20.00

Black Hole Club and guests take over Vivid Projects for the final Digbeth First Friday of 2016.

Join them for moving image, mixed media installation, light & audio visual interventions.

Featured artists: John Bradburn, David Checkley, Barry Griffiths, Jaime Jackson, Michael Lightborne, Leon Trimble  & Sofy Yuditskaya.

‘Biomimicry is loosely defined as the mimicking of life using imitation biological systems for the purpose of solving human problems’.

Is downfall about the suggestion of a descent to a lower position or standing; or is it a kind of overthrow a ruin? Could it be a fall, of rain, of snow, sudden and heavy.  As new world leaders dismiss climate change as politicised science, the artists are biomimics exploring nature in a post-truth world.



Jaime Jackson, Untitled, moving image still