Digbeth First Friday

Useful Tools

Hannah Sawtell

7 July 2023, 18:00 - 20:00

Join us for a celebration of Useful Tools a free to use open source sound app created by resident artist Hannah Sawtell in partnership with interdisciplinary artist and researcher Lizzie Wilson.

For Digbeth First Friday, Hannah Sawtell is making the Useful Tools web-based sound programme available for public use in Vivid Projects, inviting audiences to explore how they can make sound by using the tool. To participate, you will need to bring a laptop/ipad/tablet with you that can access a browser (Chrome or Safari) and Wi-Fi (note you cannot use the programme on your phone). 

Useful Tools builds on Sawtell’s interests in technology as an electronic sound project. Programmed as a collaborative space at Vivid Projects in April – June, Old Bort, Laura Fox, Khush Kali, Indira Lakshmi, Sam Owen, Heather Reid, Davinia-Ann Robinson, Natalie Roe, Emily Scarrott & Emily Warner took part in four sound workshops with Hannah. 

Useful Tools was performed at Centrala on the 23 June by Old Bort, Laura Fox, Indira Lakshmi, Sam Owen, Natalie Roe, Emily Scarrott & Emily Warner. The live stream of the two-hour performance is available to view here .

Beyond the project’s residency in Birmingham, Useful Tools will exist as an open-source programme that Hannah Sawtell will develop further.

Useful Tools, detail of live performance 23/6/23. Photo: Ayesha Jones