between our wants, our need

VLTV 001

Es Morgan

4 – 11 September 2020

VLTV 01 | Es Morgan | between our wants, our need | 04/09/20 7PM

this is a performance for one

i invite you to watch it from your bed

it remembers the first time we slept together, in october

when we were interrupted by a falling glass of wine and a potted plant.

Legs thrown overhead, my chest explodes in a shower of red wine and soil. We jump up, making an instantaneous pivot from full body immersion to awkward flapping; shock transforms into apologies, embarrassment into laughter.

Nine months later, we share this bed each night, a global pandemic rendering us temporary roommates. Together, we return to the memory of our first fuck and imagine it anew through a series of performance experiments.

‘between our wants, our need’ is a text and video work which emerged from a daily practice of automatic writing. It imagines what I might say if I had the chance to return to that moment, turning to poetry to unravel the co-constituting nature of desire and gender, subjectivity and objecthood.


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