VLTV 008

Eothen Stearn

23 – 30 October 2020

VLTV 008 | Eothen Stearn | SUDS

A newly commissioned 20minute performative video set in Eo’s Glasgow flat.

SUDS is a contemporized stream of consciousness approach to writing & image making as narrated by AI, in homage to Virginia Woolf and modes of automatic and free writing. This work explores themes of autobiographical thought, domesticity, object-hood and sentience.

There is a blurring of authorship between the life model and objects that cohabit. We meet the washing machines, the fridge, the bed, the kettle, the boiler, house plants and other instruments.

Heat and humours are ignited through the playing of drums and singing. A kind of mundane eroticism is brought about through projections onto Eo’s flesh alongside the everyday phenomenon of the sunset.

All material written, performed and filmed by Eothen Stearn. (with guest appearance of Rachel Aggs on violin). Note this work contains some nudity.


Eothen Stearn’s art roams between the intimacy of personal relations, the detail of everyday life, music, feminism, queerness and science fiction. Eothen is interested in craft, memory, emotions and modalities of speech. Within Eo’s practice a space is made to dissemble hierarchies, so to look into the conditioning of bodies. The work produced questions social responsibilities and the intersections between private and pubic. Eo’s practice incorporates sculpture, performance and sound, which although appearing different from each other in their materialities and temporalities, they are made of the same attitude; one that looks into everyday politics. Sharp, intimate, touching, vulnerable observations are brought top the forefront using all kinds of materials: ceramics, textile, drawings, performance, song, all come tougher by Eo’s hand. Each bleeds into each other’s territories with a minimum of effort; as if they are each other’s magnets, hosts and extensions. Part of Eo’s practice is playing in bands; “NIGHTSHIFT” and “2ply” in Glasgow and Netherlands based band “Difficult”.

website: | instagram: @eothenstearn


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