Welcome to the New Earth

Black Hole Club

3 – 11 December 2021

This winter Black Hole Club invites you to The New Earth for a programme of events that have evolved through experiment, process and conversation. Over four days our activities and work respond to a cycle of terrestrial events: from arrival, exploration, trading to rewilding. Each day is a response to a new and unknown environment, the terrain shifts through an exploration of breath, requests for care, detoxing, dreaming, relocation, accomodation, rituals, broadcasts, radio plays, monuments, greyhounds, firebrats, sound, readings and mycelium networks.

Arrival: 3 Dec: 4pm – 8:30pm

De’Anne Crooks presents a broadcast Location: unknown from a new environment, The work journals the first week in this new place whilst reflecting on the priorities of an earth less cold. Joseph Winsborrow invites you to join a 1-1 performance Ritual for New Dreaming in which your autonomic selves are invited to reach across the veil so you may dream on, courageously and protected, under the light of the moon. Rosa Postlethwaite performs a recital of terms and conditions and one of what makes up breath. From 5:30pm Roo Dhissou & Larissa Shaw engage in conversations with ARC: Artist Rehab Club Part I – Drawing from experiences, this will be followed by ARC Part II – Online Speak Easy that takes place on the 6th of Dec via zoom 7:30-8:30 which can be booked here. 

Exploration: 4 Dec 11-5pm 

Emily Scarrott invites you to join a Recording Workshop The Vessel: An Audio Play. Taking place onsite over one day, workshop participants will collaboratively record voices and sound effects for a sci-fi audio play which explores expectations of productivity and colonial promises of glory. “When the people got on the spaceship to start their journey, they weren’t intending to find the eggs.” Places can be booked here.

Trading: 10 Dec 4pm – 8:30pm 

Sophie Huckfield presents new video work that explores the impact of automation on surgery, researching its historic and social backdrops. At 5:45pm Leanne O’Connor & Sharon Sutton invite you to partcipate in The Homunculi Games, and experience reimagined loopholes of the unequal rental and housing systems, you can book a space here. At 7:00pm Post Workers Theatre screen and perform Autohoodening the Rise of Captain Swing. Where just in time for the holidays Captain Swing returns from past worker uprisings in a consciousness-raising custom for the age of A.I. Capitalism. A folk opera, based on worker testimonies and interviews with union organisers, written and produced collectively by Post Workers Theatre and Infinite Opera, with costumes from James Frost and Lottie Wood. Further information & bookings here. 

Rewilding: 11 Dec 12-5pm 

At 12:00pm Jacob Carter begins the day with the sound performance Noon Chorus, using a collection of found audio exploring lunar cycles, sea defences, stone circles and Neolithic monuments. Throughout the day Adwoa Owusu-Barnieh & Alis Oldfield are present with readings & Kühle Wampe with tea.

Networks: 3-11 Dec Online. 

Our onsite programme is accompanied by works held online on Black Hole Club’s are.na channel. Eleanor Morgan presents The firebrats’ diary, De’Anne Crooks will report back for Location: unknown and Roo and Ris will develop ARC: Artists Rehab Club as an online resource with members of Black Hole Club.

On this planet we welcome guests. Names, occupations and star signs will be reassigned on arrival to The New Earth.

Stay tuned for further correspondence.


 BHC Welcome to the New Earth