1. all fruits ripe Presents: Homeland

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    Join us for Homeland: a night of films curated by Candice Nembhard for all fruits ripe series. 

    Homeland brings together the work of directors exploring Germany’s regressive attitudes towards racism, class and ethnicity through the lens of queer relationships, migration, housing and grief. The works ask us to reconsider the liberal label of modern Germany by digging into its past and combing through the details.


    The evening will include discussions with select filmmakers and producers from the screened films.
    This edition of afr series is hosted by Vivid Projects and is part of LGBT+ History Month.

    £2 suggested donation: please book your ticket here



    Director – Maissa Lihedheb
    Screenwriter – Lamin Leroy Gibba

    Producer – Sailesh Naidu

    A casual hook-up takes an unexpected turn in this meditation on race, politics, and history.

    Polyglot (2015)

    Director/Screenwriter: Amelia Umuhire

    Polyglot is a scripted web series exploring the identities of young creatives of color in Berlin.

  2. ways toward something

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    ways towards something are a collaborative group who are convening on a monthly basis from Jan to April 2024 with Vivid Lab to produce experimental sound that harnesses the spirit and aesthetic of DIY.

    They work with open-source software and low-cost tools and instruments to research what manifests when creative momentum is given time and space to evolve through noise and sound-making. The group are delivering lab sessions to provide a safe and open environment for experimentation with a focus on encouraging women, trans, non-binary and gender expansive people to engage with new sound making processes.

    ways towards something is led by  Emily Warner, Sam Owen & Laura Fox 

    The group is open to expressions of interest from women, trans, non-binary and gender expansive people and meets both in person and online. Email for more details 

  3. Dr XYZ

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    Magnified open mouth with 70s pencil moustache, a doctors coat and stethescope are visible, with a background  of black and white grid lines.

    A still from the film

    Brought to you by XYZ Projects (CIC), Dr XYZ is a satirical take on the healthcare service announcements of the 1960s and 70s. The purpose of the project is to act as a training film for the current NHS England staff, equipping them to give trans and non-binary patients the level of gender-affirming care they need and deserve.

    XYZ Projects is a newly established trans+ film collective based in Birmingham, concerned with community healthcare archiving and collaborative filmmaking. El Jones (they/them) independent filmmaker/community archive facilitator, and Dr. Raviv Piccus (he/they) NHS doctor/researcher are co-directors of the collective. Working alongside them is Producer: Yasmyn Nettle (they/them), Collective Care Lead: Reuben Liebeskind (they/he), BTS Photographer: TQ Archive (they/them) and on music they have Transistrrr (she/her) and Lai Fransisco (they/she).

    The journey of Dr XYZ kicked off with a community call out, inviting trans and non-binary individuals to share first hand accounts of their experiences accessing gender-affirming healthcare in the UK. This progressed into a series of community script writing workshops prior to filming, shaping the narrative with input from the people who’s experiences the film will highlight. 

  4. Maxx Gentleman

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    Black and white imagoes an outstretched arm wearing a black leather glove.

    Maxx Gentlemen Presents:
    [sombre music fades out]


    Maxx Gentleman presents an uncomfortable exploration of Australiana convict heritage in a Queer Horror context within a kitchen disco environment set to a Donna Summer and Sonic Youth infused live soundrack.

    Maxx will incorporate elements of previous performances KITCHEN DISCO HOME INVASION and SOUNDTRACK to bring you [sombre music fades out], complete with sing’alongs, trauma-dotes and horoscopes that merge sculpture, painting, performance and video.

    This event launches their work with Vivid Projects that will take place as part of Vivid Lab programme through 2023 – 24.

    Maxx Gentleman is a Birmingham based non-binary drag DJ and stand-up performer. They occasionally do a very average and messy lip sync, but more often than not just throw themselves around the dance floor in a Five Rhythms dance haze.