BLKHLCLB vs BMAG feat, Cold War Steve and Mixed Milk

Cut, Copy, Remix

18 April – 18 May 2020

Cut, Copy Remix | April 18th – May 2nd

Through April and May Birmingham Museum and Art Gallery, Black Hole Club, Mixed Milk and Cold War Steve will be sharing the creative potential of Birmingham Museums Trust’s Digital Image Resource online. Cold War Steve presents works inspired by the museum’s collection, a selection of which will be made available online for ‘You, Me & Cold War Steve – The International Interactive Pandemic-Proofed Exhibition of the People’. Mixed Milk will be sharing new digital work that responds to the linked global histories present in the collection. From Black Hole Club, Rosa Francesca and Alis Oldfield present work that engages critical questions on the narratives and histories present in the museum. The development of this work will be shared digitally, with opportunities for audiences to connect to the work that explores storytelling and identities within the collection. Works will be installed in the museum in the near future.

Special Event | Black Hole Club Reader | May 1st

To mark International Workers’ Day Black Hole Club present work and conversations online that asks, what holds value for us in this present. Throughout April we are exploring how we can (or cannot) creatively engage in a time that is unfolding into the unfamiliar. We are in a place where we are learning, undoing and remaking. Who is there for us right now and who do we want to hear from? Do we want to start or stop, in times are marked by rolling news, tech trillionaires, isolated shopping and clapping for our carers. Come and join the conversation.

Cut Copy Remix, Keith Dodds