Hostile Environment

6 March 2020, 18:00-20:00

Vivid Projects presents ‘Hostile Environment’, a screening of two 1980s films centred on workers rights, anti-deportation campaigning and legislation. The event introduces some of the material uncovered during artist Adam Lewis Jacob’s one year residency with us as part of WORK, a project to produce films exploring ideas and the realities of what ‘work’ means for the ways we live today, engaging directly with the experiences of contemporary working lives. During his residency, Lewis Jacob looked at materials and narratives within the TURC Video and VIVID archives (courtesy of Vivid Projects, Yasmeen Baig-Clifford and Marian Hall) and discovered the vital work of veteran Birmingham activist and campaigner Muhammad Idrish during the 1980s West Midlands Anti-Deportation Campaigns. The screening will include footage of a protest march when 2500 people marched with Idrish through Handsworth to Birmingham City Centre on the 8 October 1983 with the slogan Muhammad Idrish Must Stay – Stop the Deportation!

Visitors are invited to reflect on print and film interviews explaining the reasons for the union campaign led by NALGO (now UNISON), and add their experiences and thoughts on the history and ethos of workers’ activism, and the ongoing fight to retain the right to stay when confronted with a ‘hostile environment’.

Screenings are continuous, 6-8pm.

Muhammad Idrish Must Stay! (8:46, colour, sound)

TURC Video produced by Trevor Boden, Harry McNichol, David Pritchard, Dave Rushton, Norman Staples, Ian Waldie, Ann Yap.

West Midlands Anti-Deportation Campaign (23:52 mins, colour, sound)

TURC Video produced by Ranbir K Bains, Joanne Brookman, Marian Hall.


Event presented at part of Digbeth First Friday.

Feeling curious? 

Throughout 2020 six spaces are working together to support visitors with a free monthly guided Digbeth First Friday art tour. The partners are Centrala, Vivid Projects, Grand Union and Stryx in Minerva Works, Eastside Projects on Heath Mill Lane and Recent Activity in nearby Floodgate St. If you’re keen to gain some expert insight, look out for your tour guides at 6.30pm at the black gated entrance to Minerva Works. Maps with details of all events will be available online at