Black Hole Club and Birmingham Museum and Art Gallery

Cut, Copy, Remix

18 May – 2 July 2020

Over the past month Black Hole Club has been sharing the collaboration Cut Copy Remix with Birmingham Museum and Art Gallery over social media. You can now see the full project online including downloads of two new collages by Cold War Steve featuring the Pre-Raphaelite Brotherhood hosted on The Social.

Mixed Milk’s video work “Excerpt” a digital video made from the single jpeg images that are available for free download, the work creates new connections between objects and artworks and can be watched via this link. The video is a journey through Birmingham Museums Trust’s collection that makes a new narrative for its artefacts to live and breathe.

Alis Oldfield’s essay Re-wild the Internet can be read here and you can participate in the callout for stories and via her website. Rosa Francesca’s virtual exhibition of artificial intelligence artworks, made through Generative Adversarial Networks can be visited here. The works developed for Cut Copy Remix will be exhibited at both the Birmingham Museum and Art Gallery and Vivid Projects in the near future.

Coldwar Steve vs Pre-Raphaelite Brotherhood, 2020.