It Gets Lighter From Here

21 – 22 December 2020

Vivid Projects is pleased to be part of #ItGetsLighterFromHere on this Winter Solstice, the shortest day of 2020 – and the darkest year that many of us have ever experienced.

21 works are presented with current and previous members of the Black Hole Club artist programme, who have responded with 60 second films expressing their personal responses to the solstice, hope and light.

Enlightening, rueful, defiant, contemplative, the artists are :
Ambie Drew | Antonio Roberts | Ashok Mistry | Black Hole Club | Craig David Parr | De’Anne Crooks | Emily Mulenga | Helen Kilby-Nelson | Kate Spence | Kühle Wampe | Michael Lightborne | Navi Kaur | Pete Ashton | Rosa Francesca | Rosa Postlethwaite | Siân Macfarlane | Sophie Huckfield | Symoné | Dinosaur Kilby | Tony McClure | Vicky Roden.

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It Gets Lighter From Here