4 September – 22 November 2020

Vivid Projects and Vivid Live are pleased to announce VLTV, a series of Live Art works made to be experienced digitally and available for seven days on our Vimeo channel. From 4th September there will be a new artwork presented each week every Friday at 7pm.

VLTV 001 | ES MORGAN|between our wants, our needs |04/09/2020
VLTV 002 | ROSA POSTLETHWAITE | Green Scream | 11/09/2020
VLTV 003 | ELLY CLARKE | Performance Anxiety | 18/09/2020
VLTV 004 | DEMELZA TOY TOY | URLology: 21.03.2020 – 31.03.2020 | 25/09/2020
VLTV 005 | BRIDGET CODERC | Storm | 02/10/2020
VLTV 006 | PIERCE STARRE | Fragile | 09/10/2020
VLTV 007 | S A B O T A G E | neurotransmission |16/10/2020
VLTV 008 | EOTHEN STEARN | SUDS | 23/10/2020
VLTV 009 | DE’ANNE CROOKS | Break Bread with Me | 30/10/2020
VLTV 010 | KÜHLE WAMPE | DETHKWUEST | 06/11/2020

Curators Introduction 

What is VLTV?

Drawing from the public access tv stations of 1970’s America and the current experimental live art scene of Birmingham and beyond,  VLTV allows artists to make mistakes and play with the notion of what live art is and how it can exist virtually.

Last year I looked at the format for Vivid Live and decided to change things up. I wanted to make live art more accessible to those who can’t make it to a physical gallery space while providing artists with the necessary support to experiment and  make work for different platforms.

Then Covid 19 hit and the world changed.

Suddenly every gallery was streaming everything they could find. Which kind of meant I needed to rethink VLTV for this new landscape. The focus shifted from the audience who are now dripping in glorious art and moved to supporting the artists. Ensuring that they are able to continue making art as they emerge from this global catastrophe.

I’m delighted to bring you glimpses of these wonderful artists’ practices.

Stay safe,

Alex Billingham

Vivid Live Curator

VLTV Ident

VLTV Ident Kuhle Wampe logo De'Anne Crooks Eothen Stearn Jas Singh Bridget Coderc Demelza Toy Toy EllyClarke Rosa Postlethwaite Es Morgan
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