Live coding for beginners: Making music with TidalCycles

Lucy Cheeseman

27 October 2018, 11:00

£10 (plus booking fee). Tickets available here

In this workshop we will cover everything you need to get up and running with TidalCycles (or just Tidal for short!) – a free and open source platform for live coding musical patterns.

Starting with the basics of installation and running the software, through to programming beats and manipulating samples, we’ll look at all the elements required for you to start putting together your own live coding sets from scratch.

No prior programming or music making experience required

You will need a laptop (mac, PC or linux all fine) and a pair of headphones to take part in this workshop. If you don’t have access to these please contact

The most difficult part of learning Tidal is the installation! Please do your best to install before the workshop following the instructions online here. If you can’t install in advance don’t worry! We will be running an installation party before the workshop (11.00-12.00) where we can troubleshoot any problems you are having.

If you have any particular questions or access requirements please feel free to get in touch at

Lucy Cheesman makes sound installations as part of creative collective SONA and performs live coded music using open source software under the name Heavy Lifting. She also runs a record label called Pickled Discs which is dedicated to promoting experimental electronic sounds.

Prior to learning TidalCycles back in 2016 she had no experience with programming or making electronic music and is mostly self-taught (with the exception of a few beginners’ workshops like this one!)