Her Horror

15 June 2018, 18:30-21:00

The Viscerisahood return for an evening of performance and installation to open HER HORROR.

Expect the unexpected ..

Transmutation which blurs the boundaries between gender, creation, destruction and the human need to procreate and attach personality to the inanimate.

The body fluids of femininity, life giving milk and blood, and the fear and disgust of such liquids expressed through Vampire cinema.

A performative encounter in which a mother recounts a story of watching her child being consumed by an invisible force.

A visceral, personal horror articulated through visions of objectification, violence and exploitation.

Artists: Sian Macfarlane | Vicky Roden | Kate Spence | Sarah Walden

HER HORROR contains graphic imagery.

Strictly over 18’s.


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