Performance Anxiety

VLTV 003

Elly Clarke

18 – 25 September 2020

VLTV 03 | Elly Clarke | Performance Anxiety | 18/09/2020 7PM

A doubt-riddled monologue to the sound of pleasure.
Shot on Zoom and Quicktime; mixed, performed & recorded via DJ Pro.

Am I taking too long?
Is this taking too long?
Are you comfortable?
Is this good?
Am i good?
Does this feel good?
Is your arm ok?
Was it a good investment?
Am i?
Does it feel like the right decision?
Are you glad         ?

What good can yet another video do in this oversaturated world?

Is it too rushed?
Am I rushing you?
Am I keeping you from doing other things?
Am I too fast?
Am I too slow?
Should I speed up?
Should I catch my breath?
Should I allow you to catch yours?


Elly Clarke is an artist interested in the role, performance, value and burden (‘the drag’) of having and being a physical body in a digitally mediated world. She explores this through photography, video, music, writing & community-based projects and #Sergina, a border-straddling, multi-bodied drag queen who, across one body and several, sings and performs songs online and offline about love, lust and loneliness in the mesh of hyper-dis/connection. Some of these songs make it onto records released by Berlin-based record label Wicked Hag. Some performances are participatory; many are live streamed. Clarke is a current Chase DTP funded PhD researcher in Art at Goldsmiths and has shown work at venues that include The Lowry; Franklin Furnace, New York; Kiasma, Helsinki; Milton Keynes Gallery; ONCA, Brighton and Galerie Wedding, Berlin. #Sergina (plural) was also supposed to perform at the Roskilde Festival this summer – but that didn’t happen for obvious reasons. It will happen hopefully in full fleshy physicality next year instead.

website: | twitter: @elly_clarke | instagram: @digitalb0dy




PerformanceAnxiety Elly Clarke - Performance Anxiety