VLTV 005

Bridget Coderc

2 – 9 October 2020

VLTV 005 | Bridget Coderc | Storm

This work is best viewed on a screen in a quiet space.

Storm explores feelings of melancholia as well as the links between reminiscence and wallowing. The piece depicts the artist’s family gathering filmed in the early 2000s. Taking inspiration from Walden (1968) by Jonas Mekas, the piece is influenced by the artist’s childhood memories. Taking a personal, first-person perspective, Storm magnifies mundanity and tradition, highlights how the brain distorts the past and questions if that is the reason for sadness. The soundtrack imitates the same motives as the moving image. Audio from the original VHS tapes is distorted and manipulated into an unpredictable synth based soundtrack.

Soundtrack by Lee Roberts.


Bridget Coderc is a lens-based media artist working in Manchester. Her work focuses on introspection and draws from personal experience to create artwork which reflects upon mundanity, childhood memories and everyday life. Concepts are realized via media including photography, video, performance and installation. The artist often combines archive footage with self-portraits filmed on low-fidelity cameras. Layering these together Coderc distorts the images even more. She brings back the outdated technology and questions how it impacts our memory.

Coderc is heavily influenced by psychoanalytic theory, including Sigmund Freud’s theories on the unconscious and Donald Winnicott’s transitional object. This allows the artist to enhance her exploration into how one can acknowledge what is suppressed and unconscious within them.

She is currently working on ‘VIEUX’, a collaborative art project with musician Lee Roberts. This experimental project combines spoken word and abstract visuals made by Coderc, with electronic/psychedelic sounds created by Roberts. The words and melancholic imagery express emotional struggle, which is paired with a dreamy melody. VIEUX ventures into the themes of pain and frustration. The collaboration highlights how the mind is distorted through the struggle of consciously striving to be in balance with one’s emotions.

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Bridget Coderc - STORM Bridget Coderc