Vague But Exciting Talks

14 – 21 June 2019

Friday Artists Talks | 14 & 21 June | Free, Just Drop in

Join us within the current VAGUE BUT EXCITING exhibition for discussions with exhibiting artists which critically engage and further contextualize their work.

14/06 |16:00-17:30: Rosa Hinksman in discussion with Yasmeen Baig-Clifford and Cathy Wade

Artist Rosa Francesca will explore the context for her new performative digital work ‘Personae’ which is part of our current exhibition Vague But Exciting. A member of the Black Hole Club 2019 cohort, Rosa will discuss the ideas behind her current practice.

Rosa Francesca* (UK) Personae (2019)
Personae is a new digital work which invites play through the dynamics of facial recognition and its tracking tools. The viewer engages the work through a USB webcam to detect faces within patterns painted onto the artist’s body and clothing, which in turn trigger audio samples. Personae tests the limitations of facial recognition technology and investigates how non-human entities can masquerade as human in the digital age by enticing machines with the very human phenomenon of pareidolia (seeing faces or patterns that do not exist). The work tricks existing technology into locating the simulacrum of a face exploring how the technologies that map us are no longer able to separate a real face from a drawing; while the artist’s own identity is unclear and undetected.

21/06 | 16:00-17:30: Antonio Roberts & Ambie Drew in discussion with Cathy Wade


Photo courtesy of and copyright to Marcin Sz.

Rosa Francesca, Personae at Vivid Projects, photo courtesy Marcin Sz