1. SLIDE/TAPE at Loughborough University

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    SLIDE/TAPE is presented in association with Loughborough University, who are exhibiting works by Ian Breakwell and Tina Keane.

    The exhibition takes place at LUA Project Space, Loughborough University arts, Loughborough University, LE11 3TU. For more information, please click here.

    The exhibition is co-curated by Yasmeen Baig-Clifford, Director of Vivid Projects and Dr. Mo White, School of Arts, Loughborough University.
  2. SLIDE/TAPE: Symposium

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    In a day of keynote presentations, roundtable discussion and screenings this symposium aims to broaden the scope of knowledge of the slide-tape, exploring the history, artists and aesthetics of this often overlooked artform since the 1970s and its importance in the field of moving image media.

    Speakers/Participants include: Michael Archer (Goldsmiths University of London), Yasmeen Baig-Clifford (Director, Vivid Projects), Nina Danino (Artist, Goldsmith University of London), Katy Deepwell (Critic, Middlesex University), Paul Goodwin (Independent Curator), Keith Piper (Artist, Middlesex University), Cordelia Swann (Artist), and Mo White (Loughborough University).

    The symposium will examine the histories and context of artists’ use of slide-tape forms and consider why significant works have been omitted from curatorial histories to date. The symposium will also look to explore and reappraise the potential of slide-tape as a medium for new narrative forms.

    The symposium will close with refreshments and a viewing of work by Ian Breakwell and Tina Keane. We are delighted to welcome Felicity Sparrow, partner of Ian Breakwell, who will introduce the screening of BC/AD, his last major work charting his decline from lung cancer. The work will be shown alongside Tina Keane’s Clapping Songs.

    This event takes place at the Design School at Loughborough University.

    Places cost £10 and include lunch. To book, please email Loughborough University Arts at

  3. SLIDE/TAPE: residency

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    Join artist Cathy Wade during her residency in The Pavilion, at the extraordinary new Library of Birmingham as part of the four month Discovery Season curated by Capsule.

    CAROUSEL is a unique opportunity to experience making a collective art work with the original slide format. Virtually a lost medium, there is an alchemical magic to the processing of film into a slide transparency. Cathy will be working with the public to bring back to light forgotten memories that have been languishing in shoe boxes and attics in order to create a collective experience, through the carousel projector.

    You are invited to drop in throughout the residency with your own slides, or to explore the collections loaned to the residency, share ideas and participate in creating an evolving new work.

    A slide carousel projection is image, light, text, repetition and sound; it is a medium open to reworking, re-photographing splicing and drawing onto. The slide carousel allows for multiple ownerships, formal and informal to be interwoven with references to diverse subjects such as lecture packs, archive documentation, drawings and text to be re-photographed, reworked and re-shown. CAROUSEL will cross reference, contrast, rework and revise making a space that celebrates the new forms that can be made from existing images. CAROUSEL connects directly with our childhoods, with family histories and collective nostalgia. In our digital environment, where many young people can now be described as ‘digital natives’ there is a burgeoning nostalgia and creative interest in analogue, historical technologies. In relation to phone Apps that consciously reference the slide aesthetic, we could call this the ‘Instagram’ effect.

    We hope CAROUSEL opens up the creative potential of the slide to a wide audience, balancing personal experience with the institutional, resulting in a live work that is consistently revised, reworked and developed with participants throughout the residencies duration.

    Cathy Wade is an interdisciplinary artist who works through collaboration, curation and research. She has exhibited extensively in both the UK and internationally working with galleries and projects including Vertigo Gallery, VIVID, Toomey Tourell Gallery, Curfew Tower, Newlyn Art Gallery, Capsule, EC Arts, and Clarke Gallery. She is currently Research Director at Edible Eastside and Curator at A3 Project Space.

  4. SLIDE/TAPE: talks programme

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    During the exhibition Vivid Projects and partners will host some fascinating discussions on the slide-tape text on Thursday evenings.

    Admission £2


    Some Girls – Tape Slides and Posters 
    presented by Carola Adams and Graham Peet

    The Some Girls poster project with young women in the West Midlands was initiated in 1978, when the National Association of Youth Clubs ran an action research project into the risks of being a young woman, funded by the Department for Education and Science (DfES).

    Three early feminist youth workers used an Action Research method – just ‘hanging out’ with young women, talking, making diaries, taking photographs and recording what young women’s lives were like, from their point of view. Project worker Carola Adams, with Graham Peet and Jonnie Turpie wanted to share the learning widely, using a touring slide-tape presentation and making posters for youth clubs with the Madeley Young Women’s Writing and Design Group. But the DfES weren’t happy. They said that they thought the workers were putting words into their mouths: “girls wouldn’t talk like that……”.

    The event will also include a screening of the film Giro-Is this the modern world? (1984) produced by the Birmingham Film & Video Workshop with Dead Honest Soul Searchers.

    Giro explores the social and economic prospects facing young people in the context of mid-80s Britain.



    Matthew J.Watkins in conversation with Yasmeen Baig-Clifford

    ** this event has been postponed due to unforeseen circumstances. 
    Apologies for any inconvenience caused.

    Join artist Matthew J. Watkins in conversation with Yasmeen Baig-Clifford, Director of Vivid Projects on Thursday 07 November, 6pm where they will discuss Watkins’ use of slide-tape in his work.

    Matthew J. Watkins worked as designer and creative director for Jamie Hewlett from the inception of his multi-platinum selling Gorillaz project which included Monkey: Journey To The West, before co-founding the influential Beat13 Gallery with Lucy McLauchlan.

    Most recently, Watkins created the acclaimed visuals for Live_Transmission: Joy Division Reworked tour with Heritage Orchestra and Scanner, and collaborated with Bobbie Gardner and Kokumo as part of Vivid Projects’ 33 Revolutions programme.

    Watkins is also part of noise group ‘Mothwasp’, who combine sound with vintage slide projection.


    Cathy Wade in conversation with Karen Newman

    Artist Cathy Wade shares the outcomes of her one week public residency for SLIDE/TAPE.

    She will be joined by Karen Newman, Research Fellow (Digital Media) at Coventry University’s Centre for Disruptive Media and previously Curator at Open Eye Gallery and FACT, Liverpool.

    Kodak stopped manufacturing 35mm slide projectors in 2004. In this talk, the inherent narrative of the slide projection will be unpicked.


    All talks take place at Vivid Projects, 16 Minerva Works, 158 Fazeley Street, Birmingham, B13 9HB.

  5. SLIDE/TAPE at Vivid Projects

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    Artists: Black Audio Film Collective, Ian Breakwell, Nina Danino, Bill Furlong, Sunil Gupta, Tina Keane and Cordelia Swann.

    SLIDE/TAPE is a new exhibition offering a fresh appraisal of an abandoned medium. Primarily associated with expanded cinema practice in the 1970s-80s, slide-tape installation expanded definitions of sculpture through setting out a dialogue between still image, sound and the physical presence of the media apparatus.

    At a basic level, a slide-tape is a series of projected photographic slides with a synchronized audiotape soundtrack.  As a technology, it is significant in the UK for being used by a number of key and emerging artists for a brief period in the 1970s-80s before being abandoned in favour of video and emerging alternative technologies.  This exhibition aims to acknowledge the importance of slide-tape in the field of moving image media.

    SLIDE/TAPE re-stages key works in the original format and draws a little seen practice out from the margins of British art history. During the exhibition we will be hosting some fascinating discussions on the slide-tape text on Thursday evenings, plus a participatory residency as part of the Discovery Season at the internationally acclaimed Library of Birmingham with artist Cathy Wade from 15-20 October.

    SLIDE/TAPE is presented in association with Loughborough University, who are exhibiting works by Ian Breakwell and Tina Keane between 4-15 November, and hosting a symposium on 6 November. Speakers include Michael Archer, Nina Danino, Katy Deepwell, Paul Goodwin, Keith Piper and Cordelia Swann.

    The exhibition is co-curated by Yasmeen Baig-Clifford, Director of Vivid Projects and Dr. Mo White, School of Arts, Loughborough University.

    For further details, please download the full SLIDE/TAPE press release here:  SLIDE TAPE (5 Oct – 16 Nov) . Students/researchers can download the exhibition brochure here: Slide Tape Brochure, copyright Vivid Projects


    SAT 05 OCT, 2PM // TALK:
    Curators talk with Yasmeen Baig-Clifford, Director of Vivid Projects, and Mo White, Loughborough University. Click here for further information.

    THU 17 OCT, 6PM // TALK:
    Graham Peet and Carola Adams discuss the Some Girls Poster Project.
    Click here for further information.

    THU 07 NOV, 6PM // TALK:
    Matt Watkins in conversation with Yasmeen Baig-Clifford.
    Click here for further information.

    THU 14 NOV, 6PM // TALK:
    Karen Newman in conversation with Cathy Wade
    Click here for further information.

    TUE 15 – SUN 20 OCT // RESIDENCY:
    Cathy Wade in residency at Library of Birmingham.
    Click here for further information.

    THU 31 OCT, 6PM // LAUNCH:
    Cordelia Swann at Vivid Projects

    Slide-Tape symposium at Loughborough University + Ian Breakwell launch (5pm)
    Click here for further information.